Nieuw gezicht bijCAS

Per 1 september van dit jaar hebben wij het genoegen om Pepe Lázaro binnen ons team te verwelkomen.
Pepe is een fitness- herstelcoach en komt vanuit het zonnige Spanje naar Nederland om hier het herstel na een blessure nog sneller en soepeler te laten verlopen. Naast de revalidatie gaat Pepe ook fit bijCAS naar een hoger niveau brengen.

Nieuwsgierig naar Pepe?? Lees hieronder meer:

I am Pepe Lázaro, fitness coach and readaptator (after injurie trainer). I am a Sport Scientist and I have a master in performance optimization and readaptation. I spend most of my time practicing and studying sport science.

I was born in Catalonia and lived in Seville the last 7 years.

My beginning in the sport was really early in my life. It began with skiing, sport that I started to learn when I still didn´t know how to walk. My first class in the Sport Science degree was in 1992 with my father, when he was a student of that degree. During the time that he was studying his degree, my sister and I preferred to go to “our father’s school” than going to our school so we skipped our classes.

The most relevant sport in my life has been rugby. I have spent a lot of hours practicing it and I have had lots of satisfaction and triumphs from it .

Besides rugby, I have practiced many more sports. As a strength and conditioning coach I have spent most of my time playing paddle and soccer, both training and researching about them.

With my arrival at bijCAS, I hope to be able to contribute with all the knowledge that I have acquired during these years, incorporating the latest trends of training and sports technologies. In addition, I would like to learn all about bijCAS methodology.

I hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Pepe Lázaro